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OCR HIPAA Audit Requirements

Why Your Entity Needs Our HIPAA Assessment

When you engage us to assess your HIPAA compliance posture, that is a commitment to get things accomplished efficiently and thoroughly.   Like the biggest names, we bring deep healthcare industry operational expertise coupled with more than three decades of professional practice in Privacy, Security, and Operations Assurance:  experience claimed by many, but matched by very few.  Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we do far more than interrogate you, check boxes, and then disappear.

The value we bring to our clients goes beyond simply measuring compliance.  Fundamental to our unique approach is the collaborative and consultative environment we create.  We carefully examine your operations, review your documentation, talk with your in-house experts, and arrive at a precise understanding of you environment and workflow.  This is a critical step, often overlooked, because it this workflow in which our program for you will be integrated in an evolutionary, non-disruptive way.